Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Questions for the Church of the Big Bang

Why would evolution need to progress past a state of single cell organisms? This is survival of the fittest in it's purest form. All they do is consume and reproduce through mitosis, the main driving need in the evolutionary theory.

Why separate the sexes? If evolution is just concerned with propagating the species, why would a species with separate sexes out live or even evolve from organisms who can rapidly multiply more efficiently on their own? Doesn't having separate sexes slow the reproduction process down? Not to mention through mitosis the next organism knows everything the previous one knows, therefore the learning process is more efficient as well.

Emotions? Really, evolution grew a need for emotions? This whole emotional thing screws everything up from procreation to learning to violence and self-destruction. This seems to be an evolutionary barrier. You would think we, as evolutionarily superior beings, would have shed those bloody emotions long ago.

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