Monday, March 31, 2008

Rice That Is To Dye For...

Okay, I'm sorry. I've just been dyeing to do that. No, seriously. I'll stop. It's late and I think I'm exhausted from spending the day pulling up carpet, padding, staples and nails All.By.My.Self. I'll post pics of that tomorrow.

For now, check out this fun craft that I finally figured out how to do. Colored rice! I've been wanting to do this forever. So I made three batches tonight after the girls went to bed since tomorrow is a "home" day and I'm trying to do more open ended and non-plastic fun. It works for pasta too (so fun to string up on yarn for necklaces and bracelets) and you can do as many colors as you can think of. It's fun, easy, cheap and great for sensory experiences, pre-K math concepts (i.e. measuring, more than & less than), imaginative play and more.

Want to give it a shot? It's so simple.

1/4 C. Alcohol or Vinegar
Food coloring
Rice or Pasta

Add alcohol and food coloring to plastic ziplock bag. Add enough rice so that the rice is moist but not completely soaked. Shake up in the bag. Pour onto cookie sheet and dry in oven at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes (or air dry).

**updated: I LOVE this! The girls have been playing with the rice for the last 45 minutes. They are quiet. They are happy. And they aren't even watching TV! Granted, I will be cleaning rice off my floor for a while this afternoon, but that is so much easier than cleaning sharpies off children or my good make-up off the bathroom floor or whatever else they tend to do when looking for a creative and/or sensory experience!**

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I hope I'll be a cool mom like you. :)