Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've learned to knit (albeit badly)

Okay, so don't judge my skills too harshly. I taught myself to knit this weekend using some online instructions. I was hoping to make a dishcloth, but my needle gauge was too big and I cast on too many stitches and didn't have the patience to knit it as tall as I had made it wide. But, here it is. My first piece of knitting ever. A bit too widely woven rectangular wash cloth thingy. Still, I love it as if it were perfect and I can't wait to knit my next piece!


kellymac said...

Go you! The first couple of tries are supposed to look like crap - if you didn't throw the thing across the room in frustration, it's an accomplishment. :) is a good resource for video instructions.

jen said...

Thanks for the encouragement! That website is awesome. Video tutorials would have made figuring it out a whole lot less frustrating. I bought some smaller gauge bamboo needles tonight and I can already feel a difference. I didn't realize you can guarantee I'll be asking advice at some point! : )

kellymac said...

No prob. :) I love bamboo needles.

When you get ready to move beyond rectangular things, is da bomb.