Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How nasty is your car?

Okay...since I didn't post a Total Truth yesterday we'll let this serve as a total truth. I just cleaned out my car today and could possibly need a Hepatitis shot now...

It was pretty scary to see what was residing in the car underneath all the books, jackets, and Happy Meal toys. In fact, I won't even go into all the stuff I found in there. However, I will give you a short list. I found:
  • Four pairs of girl's shoes (with a tootsie roll in one shoe)
  • Two pairs of my shoes
  • Several nuggets and french fries in various states of petrified preservation
  • One dried banana peel under a car seat
  • 9 (count them - NINE) sippy cups
And that is just the stuff I can tell you about. So, come on friends of the blogosphere make me feel better about myself. What is the worst thing you've ever found in your car?


katie p said...

Sippy cups with month-old milk is probably the worst we've found. But, I found a dead mouse in my sister's car once.

jen said...

That is absolutely fantastic! But, it begs the question, did a dead mouse somehow get in the car or did it die in the car? Honestly, I was pretty happy not to have found anything living (or formerly alive) in our car considering how long it had been since it had been good and clean...