Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can I brag a little?

Thomas and I wanted to give the girls a playhouse for Christmas and so we hatched this plan to build one in their playroom. It was a simple thing to do (even though it did take us until about 3:30 am on Christmas morning). But, I am so happy with how it turned out. It's a bit crooked because someone (me) either measured wrong or Lowes has started cutting their 4' x 8' boards a little off. I'm betting on the former rather than the latter. Anyways, I think the crooked look is cool and makes it even more whimsical looking. The rest of it is basically just a drop cloth we painted and cut to have windows and a door. Inside is the kitchen with a little table and chairs and a reading/resting nook for hanging out. For $25 the girls got this cute little house and we can change the facade to fit different seasons, themes or events for only $10. We're pretty proud of it so I just thought I'd throw the picture up here.

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j-rod said...

That is awesome! very creative!