Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Total Truth Tuesday

In an effort to have something to blog about every single day I have designated Tuesday my Total Truth day. Tuesday is the day I'll spill the beans more than usual and admit all my embarrassing and little known facts. And since it is total truth, I'll leave out the exaggerated bits. Just the facts. I promise.

Here we go.

Total Truth: In our house, childrens' socks are disposable. It's not that we throw them away after we're done wearing them, it is just that socks seem to disappear the moment they leave the foot. It goes beyond the whole socks disappearing in the dryer phenomenon.

I will buy a 12-pair pack of kids/toddler socks and at the end of the month, I can only find two or three. Not two or three pairs, two or three socks. I have tried any number of methods of keeping track of them but all to no avail. It is hopeless.

I've tried pairing them up when they come off the feet. Stuffing them in shoes until I do laundry. Collecting them in their own special laundry bin. They always disappear. I've begun to think when we move out of this house, the new owners will find 700 individual baby socks collected in some air conditioning duct.

It has even gotten to the point that I am overcome with anxiety when buying a pack of socks because I KNOW they will disappear into the abyss in just a short amount of time. My kids go to school even in winter without socks on their feet just because their mother is too freaked out at the prospect of buying more socks to offer up to the sock monster in their home. It is mystifying. It is shameful. It is totally true. No exaggeration.

But, I have found a somewhat okay solution for winter. We've started buying tights. Tights stay put. I have pairs of tights from when Kai was a newborn. So, for now, we're wearing tights under skirts, pants, jeans, and every thing else you can imagine. It may not be the best solution, but it keeps the sock monster away and that I can live with.

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