Saturday, December 29, 2007

I've decided I'm going to keep Thomas.

Okay, so it never was in question really, but I have to say that since he's been gone I've realized how much of a two-person job this is. My hat is off in a big huge way to every single mother out there who raises functional kids and still manages to stay even relatively sane. Heck, if they raise even semi-functional kids and can still pull themselves together enough to go out in public with clean hair and wearing something other than sweatpants I think they deserve a medal.

I haven't even been able to pull that off this week.

The girls miss their dad so much and I do too. I always have these fantasies of a week where I get the house to myself after the girls go to bed and I don't have to watch sci-fi movies, put up with War Craft in the living room, or wear my trusty ear plugs to protect my ear drums from the deafening roar of a certain wonderful husband's snoring. The reality is, I would do anything to be typing this with Thomas playing video games beside me. I wouldn't even mind if he was snoring in the next room. I miss him and all the ridiculous things that drive me crazy. I know what you're thinking. He's only been gone since Wednesday. Give me a break, right? We've been married 6 years so having him away for a few days shouldn't be a big deal. Ordinarily it wouldn't bother me to be away from him for just a couple of days, but I guess knowing that I'm not going to see him until next Saturday and that we're going to have to spend New Year's apart just makes the whole thing seem a bit more sad. Off course, it could also be that I've been more than just a little maudlin lately. And it's late. Or early depending on how you look at it.

Still, the truth is, I love my husband. I miss him. So, Tal, come home soon. I love you...

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tal said...

I love you and miss you too. I'll be home soon.