Sunday, May 18, 2008

Faerie Forest Tea Party

**I apologize in advance for how looong this blog post is. I just wanted to document everything 'cause this birthday was so fun and this will end up going in our end of the year blog book!**

I LOVE birthdays. Not necessarily my birthdays, but other people's birthdays are the best. Especially when those other people are ones I am responsible for planning parties for.

So, every year around February I start planning the girls' birthday party. Luckily, their birthdays are about a month apart so we get to cheat and plan one big party for the two of them.

They've had an Asian themed party (complete with Sushi Cake), Luau Party (with Hula Dancers), Pop Art Party (with a paint balloon throw), and now a Faerie Forest Tea Party. This party may just have been my favorite.

This party was a bit more laid back than previous parties 'cause we really didn't plan lots of stuff for the kids to do. We had it in the backyard and just let the Faerie Forest do the entertaining. And, boy did it! The kids stayed busy the whole time.

Here are some pics of the party.

First, the Food.

Aside from the fresh fruit and veggies (Faeries are nothing if not healthy), we had magic pretzel wands

And Garden Cupcakes

And Flower Cakes

And Strawberry Popcorn Balls

For Decor we put up a portable outdoor Gazebo to keep the food under and decorated it with burlap ribbon and craft paper. We kept the whole theme very earthy.

Even our napkins were Garden themed:

And my favorite was the Faerie Garden Thomas built for the kids to enjoy:

We also had a couple pics of the girls framed with signable mats for the guests to wish Happy Birthday to the girls. We've done these for each of their birthdays since they were born and look forward to having a collection of them when they're older.

Now, for the best part. The goodies.

Each guest walked into the garden after visiting these bags of crowns and wands. The sign read "Trooping Faeries gather here/come quick and take a peek/first grab yourself a wand and crown/to join the faeries that you seek!"

The bags were made with hot glue, burlap, ribbon and some cardboard. So easy!

Then they walked down the garden path with their crowns and wands:

Girl crowns & wands:
Boy crowns and wands:

The crowns and wands were made from the cuttings from our Muscadine Vine. I just wove the crowns, hot glued various flowers, ribbons, and leaves onto them and they were good to go. The wands were even easier. They were made from Muscadine Vines and small tree limbs. I just cut them to a good size, wrapped them in gold ribbon and hot glued the ribbon on. Super easy and the kids loved them!

My absolute favorite thing about the whole party was the "Faerie in a Jar" party favor. Thomas designed these Faerie jars for the kids to take home with them. They were awesome! Each one was cut out and mounted inside the jar with a forest background and then we filled the jar with Moss and ta-da! Faeries in Jar. They were a huge hit with the kids and the grown-ups!

All-in-all I'd say the party was a success. We had fun. The kids had fun. And hopefully our guests did, too. Now I'm off to relax and not worry about birthdays again until sometime in October!


Kelsey Smith said...

Oh my goodness you went all out! What a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

andy's been raving about it! i'm so sad i missed it - what an amazing day. so glad it turned out so well! ekw

Katy said...

I am so sorry we missed the shin-dig! My sister was in town visiting with her children, so we couldn't make it. But I'm glad I got to see what you all did, because you guys are so good at the parties!!! Can't wait for next year!

Jared said...

We had so much fun!Kai has such an imagination now! and Ivy.. well she likes to fall a sleep in swing sets.

Ginger said...

Oh Birthday my friend, wonderful fairy party wished i was with you!
fairy home was awesome and in the jar too ! How fun is that.The wands were just the right touch.
Happy Birthday get that kitchen you want!

Nichole said...

What a cute birthday party!

Crayl said...

Charming! The Fairy garden is so wonderful, such a little imagination area. The food looks delicious. Every detail, so clever...
and your children are beautiful!