Monday, May 26, 2008

Wanna know what I learned this week?

I learned that it is much easier than you might think for a child to dislocate her shoulder. Amazingly easy. So, yes, we wrapped up our trip with one dislocated shoulder for our dear Ives. Oh, the humanity!

Actually, she was such a trooper. It happened in the blink of an eye and the next thing we knew she was holding her little right arm limp at her side. One quick call to our super hero nurse friend (and my honorary sister) Ms. Yvonne and we had her diagnosed.

So, here's what else I learned this week (besides that nurses are the coolest people in the entire Universe - cause I already knew that!) I learned that if a child dislocates her shoulder you don't actually have to take them to the hospital. 'Cause with minimal telephone coaching you, too, can pop a shoulder into it's socket. It took about 10 seconds, saved us $2000 in out-of-state ER charges, and made Ivy happier much faster than if we had spent hours in the ER waiting room.

In fact, today she is as good as new. And, for that, we are thankful.

And while I am talking about being thankful, I want to say that without Ms. Yvonne we would probably have signed over our life savings to the vast medical expenses that seem to pop up in our world. She is a nurse and a friend and, quite honestly, family to us. Thank you, Ms. Yvonne, for being so generous with your time, your expertise, and your love for our girls. We love you and are thankful every day that God blessed us with such an amazing person in our lives!

I just wanted to give you a very public and personal shout-out so everyone can know how amazing you are!

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