Friday, May 23, 2008

woo hoo. but not really.

For my birthday, my husband generously agreed to allow me to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and travel 8 hours to Virginia for his family reunion party. On the way, we visited such exciting sites as the big Peach butt in Gaffney and Powhite (pronounced po' white) Pkwy. So far it has been a thrilling trip.

By far my favorite part came when a white tailed Bambi ran out into the highway at 6 this morning and right into our car. Bambi ran away though from the looks of our car she couldn't have made it too far.

So far birthday #29 is falling short of any great expectations. Though, I am super thankful that our Memorial Day weekend auto accident was a minor one. I'm definitely not so shallow that I forget how lucky we are that is wasn't a more serious one...

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Kelsey Smith said...

Eek im so sorry hope things look up!