Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

This one is hard to admit. I've been contemplating it a week.

My total truth this tuesday is....I accidentally killed our first "batch" of chicks.

They were only 5 days old and I kept reading how they needed to be kept warm. So, I kept the heat lamp close to them. Really close. Too close.

I left them that way for less than an hour and when I got back I checked on them. They were sleeping. They were sleeping hard. Then I realized they were sleeping in really strange positions. And then I realized they weren't sleeping at all.

Here's where it becomes obvious I was never meant to be a farmer. I started crying. Alot. Hysterically. I mean, who kills baby chicks, right? How was I ever going to break the news to Kai and Ivy that I murdered 5 innocent baby chicks? It was an ugly sight to behold.

That's when I did what parents have been doing for hundreds of years. The old dead pet swap out.

I begged Thomas to call the Chicken Whisperer Andy to see if he would be willing to sell more chicks to our murderous family and much to my surprise he said yes. So, that afternoon I went and picked up 6 new chicks and passed them off as the old chicks.

The girls never knew the difference and thankfully this batch is still alive. Though if I fail at this attempt I may just give up backyard chicken farming for good...


kellymac said...

Awww, poor Jen! I'd have cried hysterically, too (even if I weren't full of wacky pregnancy hormones.)

jen said...

I know, right? My friend said I'm more like Fern from Charlotte's Web. I just can't do the barnyard death scene with stoicism!