Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day: Blog-Jack

20 Reasons You Rock as a Mom!

1. You clean everything.
2. You read the best books.
3. You make up the best bedtime stories.
4. You let me pray to God however I want to.
5. You play the 'Happy Working Song'.
6. You planted a garden with us.
7. You help me calm down so daddy doesn't spank me.
8. You give plenty of hugs.
9. You do art with us.
10. You are so creative.
11. You build forts out of sheets and blankets and pillows and chairs.
12. You hold me when I'm sad.
13. You let us paint on walls.
14. You teach us about God and Heaven.
15. You kiss our boo-boo's.
16. You take us to fun places like the Indian Pow-Wow.
17. You read poetry to us.
18. You let us listen to cool music like Jonathan Coulton.
19. You let us crawl in bed with you.
20. You make the best birthday parties ever!


Kelsey Smith said...

Love this! Happy Mothers Day!

jen said...

Thank you for hijacking my blog!! I love you guys so much. Thanks for making my mother's day so special.