Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

I have this bizarre issue that I must confess. I have a violent and irrational aversion to food sounds. Any food sounds.

Let me explain.

You know those sounds that come when you eat cereal or ice cubes or popcorn? Those loud crunchy noises people make when they are sitting next to you? Those noises drive me out of my head.

But, the weirdest part is that it doesn't stop with the obvious noisy foods. I can't stand to hear someone eating noodles, lettuce, french fries, fried chicken, whatever. You name it the sound of it being masticated grosses me out.

But, sometimes the worst is drinking noises. Thomas will sit down across the couch from me and drink a glass of milk and, though I try to ignore it, I will nearly crawl out of my skin. I shuddered just thinking about it right now.

It's not like I have to wear earplugs at dinner or anything weird like that. I just hate the sound of chewing, swallowing, and eating in general and have to try super hard to ignore it. It has driven my family crazy since I was a kid.

Anyways, so there you have it. I am a freak when it comes to eating/drinking noises. So, do tell, am I the only weirdo or do you guys have any weird issues that make people question your sanity?


Tal said...

i think the funniest thing about that is that you are constantly eating loud foods yourself—pickles and chewing ice!

Gr8Mommies said...

Oh wow! Please don't feel alone because I too get an "icky" feeling when I hear people chew and drink! I never told anyone this thinking I was a weird-o but I am so glad that you have revealed yourself as well.