Monday, May 26, 2008

Some inspiration

While on our trip we made a short trek to Richmond to the Children's Museum there. Every time we travel with the kids we make a point to stop at a children's museum. Most cities have one and since visiting places often becomes about keeping the kids out of trouble they are the perfect place to let the kid's loose in an environment designed just for them.

The Richmond Children's Museum was one of our favorites. It had great local inspired exhibits like a "James River Boat Run," a cave for "spelunking," and a tree climbing exhibit. And of course the usual grocery store, diner, and trucks & cars that always make the kids happy.

By far my favorite, though, was their art room. They had a room filled with art supplies made from recycled items such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, shredded paper, plastic yogurt cups, and more. There were stations with paints, stamps, markers, and any other art supply you could imagine. Basically, the kids were given access to all the materials and free reign to create whatever struck their fancy.

We made butterflies out of shredded paper, toilet paper rolls, water bottle caps, and egg cartons. We also painted 'til our hearts were content. And made bird's nests out of plastic yogurt cups and birthday streamers.

If you know me, you know I am all about creative expression in my house. I LOVE to let the kids paint and draw and glue and whatever else they can come up with. But, this. Oh, this has given me fabulous inspiration for our art room. I can't wait to collect all kinds of random bits to make available to the girls for art creation!

The pics above were taken at the museum of some of the art pieces left by some of its patrons. I love seeing the creativity that evolves when kids have access to unusual materials.

You can definitely expect to be seeing more recycled art from the Loving girls from now on!


Kelsey said...

What cute paintings!

ChrisB said...

What a great place for children~ to have the opportunity and materials for creating art work. When my children were growing up I always made sure I masses of 'junk' and craft materials for them to use.