Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Reading is Fun" Favorite #4: The Giving Tree

No list of favorite children's books can be complete without this classic by Shel Silverstein. Who couldn't love The Giving Tree?

In fact, this is one of those books that if I read it to the girls at the end of a particularly emotional day, I still find myself crying when I read it. I just think it is such a beautiful story about love and sacrifice. It has been one of my favorite books since I was a kid and it is definitely one of Kai's favorites now.

If you have never read this amazing book, RUN don't walk to you nearest book store and pick it up. Think of it as a children's literature emergency...


Kelsey Smith said...

Your picking ALL my fav books haha

Tal said...

For as long as I remember I'd get weepy by the end of this book. Every once in a while remember the end of this story and wonder if I'm the old man sitting on any stumps? And who are the stumps in my life? And who am I a stump too? Oh great, weepy at work...Curse you Shel Silverstein!