Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have you ever?

Have you ever needed a particular item of clothing to wear someplace only to find that it is sitting happily in the dirty clothes pile?

Have you ever washed it quickly so it would dry in time only to forget that you washed it and discover it has been sitting in the washer for a bit too long?

Have you ever given the clothes a "sniff test" and deemed the load in the washer not sour?

Have you ever discovered only after drying them that the "sniff test" is not a scientific test with guaranteed accuracy?

Have you ever been running so short on time that you have worn said "sour" shirt out only after generously spraying yourself down with Febreze?

Nope? Me either.


Jared said...

yummy! gosh I have so much to read to get caught back up from being away on the honeymoon!

Tal said...

Is that why people at work are staying away from my cubicle today?