Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Reading is Fun" Favorite #5: The Tale of the Three Trees

Kai got this book as a present at her Baby Dedication from our good friends, the Witchers. So, that means it has been a favorite of ours since she was just a little, little baby. I'd actually never heard of it until they bought the book for us and it is certainly a family favorite now.

It's apparently a folktale that's been retold for hundreds of years and this particular version is beautifully written and illustrated. Trees must be some kind of classic sacrificial archetype in children's literature 'cause it's a theme that just keeps repeating itself.

Sorry, I let my internal English major out for a second. Ignore that. I think this is a great bedtime story book with an excellent message. Definitely a must-have for your children's library.

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