Thursday, May 8, 2008


We try to buy organic as much as possible and one thing we've never been able to find is a natural organic laundry detergent that is cheap and effective. I happened to be blog hopping the other day and came across this site that featured an interesting sounding product. Soapnuts are dried fruits from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree in India, Indonesia, and Nepal. They are naturally and organically grown and function as a natural detergent.

In fact, you can boil the "nuts" (which are actually dried fruits) down and use the Soapnut Soak to make kitchen, bathroom & window cleaner, jewelry cleaner, shampoo, pest repellent, and produce wash! You can actually add essential oils to the soak or laundry bag to give them a nice custom scent that is still gentle and non-abrasive.

I just got my SoapNuts in the mail from Laundry Tree and I am so excited about them! After coming across their site I checked around and found that they had the best prices I could find. I am going to be trying them out tonight and I'll post a follow-up to let you know how they work. From what I hear, though, they are going to be great!

Anyone else ever try these?

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