Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

I have a salt and pepper shaker obsession.

It is bordering on scary how much I LOVE to collect these little guys. The more kitschy they are the better I like them. And if I see a pair I love I cannot bring myself not to take them home with me.

Cheesy Niagara Falls? Love it.

Awful dolphin shakers? You bet.

Toaster shakers, kissing boy/girl shakers on a bench, hideous dinosaurs shakers? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now, for the truly weird part. I have dozens of salt and pepper shakers. I have them on display all over my dining room. However, in my kitchen, I generally use the most generic and boring set of salt and pepper shakers imaginable. Some random pair I picked up in the grocery store.

Why? Who knows.

I guess love them all so much I just can't pick one pair to use over all the others. And, that my friends, is one more reason I am a total weirdo...

(in case you didn't realize, the photo at the top is a pic of one of my absolute favorite shaker sets in my collection. thanks to my sister, Tara, for finding this treasure!)


Kelsey Smith said...

Me too! I love them! That ones so cute

Ginger said...

I collect thimbles there small i can collect more haha, but i love salt shakers that one so cute!