Monday, May 12, 2008

What do you buy?

I just got back from Krogering and stocked my pantry with my purchases. And added yet another 3 boxes of pasta to the 4 boxes I already had. And, I wondered, what is with me and pasta?

But, it doesn't stop with pasta. 'Cause then I went to put away the frozen veggies I bought and discovered bags and bags and bags of frozen cauliflower, broccoli, peas, carrots.

It used to be that I would buy dryer sheets like a mad woman. Every single trip to the grocery resulted in boxes of dryer sheets. Boxes and boxes and boxes. In fact, I haven't bought dryer sheets in more than 6 months. I probably won't need them for another couple months. And I wash LOTS of clothes.

So, that begs the question. Is there something you compulsively buy every time you go to the store?


Kelsey Smith said...

Eggs we always buy eggs! I mean its crazy how many eggs we can have at once lol

jen said...

it's too bad you don't live in Georgia 'cause we're gonna have about 40 eggs a week when these chicks get bigger. and I am sooo not an egg eater. : )

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Wheat Thins, sour cream and ziplock bags! Now THERE's a combination for ya!

Sara said...

Tropical Chex Mix. Yesterday I bought the store out. 5 bags. They are discontinuing them. :(