Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kai!

Kai's big day was an action packed one! We had the family party at Nina's house last night, a school party today, and our little Loving family party at Kai's favorite restaurant tonight. Not bad for a day that included a trip to the ER, right?

Kai's chosen theme for her school party was Tinkerbell. I picked up a generic pre-made balloon cake from Publix and added some purple icing, silk flowers, and a Tinkerbell candle to create an easy fairy cake. It wasn't a homemade wonder, but it was a good cheat and I think I'll remember that for the future occasions where I need an easy personalized cake.

For a classroom treat, I made fairy wands made from pretzel rods, melted white chocolate and sprinkle stars. They were a HUGE hit with parents, teachers, and kids and something that was easy and fun to make. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of the class party but it was fun and she really enjoyed spending the day as the center of the classroom's attention.

Tonight's family dinner at Buca was great since they gave us the kitchen table and made it super special for Kai.

They gathered the whole kitchen and wait staff to sing Happy Birthday, flashed all the lights in her honor, and generally made her feel like a celebrity on her birthday. If it wasn't her favorite restaurant before tonight, it certainly will be from now on!

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