Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

I am a selfish, shallow and short-sighted person. I really, truly am.

In general, I am fully aware of how ridiculous my "problems" are. I am aware that I am an amazingly blessed woman. I am aware that in comparison to much of the world, I am living a life of extraordinary luxury.

And, though I am aware of these things, sometimes I need a big reminder. Last night I got just that.

First, let me say, my Total Truth Tuesday was originally going to be about how completely satisfied I am with the direction my life is going. I was planning to admit that I am living a blessed life and that I am acutely aware of that fact.

But, then I saw this video and it brought to mind an event that had happened earlier in the day. An event I am certainly not proud of.

Yesterday, I had to run lots of errands.

Run and get diapers, wipes and milk: check.
Pick up gold ballet flats for girls to wear in wedding: check.
Make extra stop to get a cute pair of shoes I'd been wanting: check.

But, wait. What's that? The girl at Target threw away my shoe box and I didn't realize it until I got to the car? The shoe box I was planning on using to pick up my totally frivolous purchase of 5 chickens? How dare she!

I went on a rant to my husband that I can only say was less than gracious, loving, or grounded in reality. I was frustrated at the unspeakable inconvenience of the whole thing. Didn't she realize how important it was that I have a shoe box? Didn't she care that it RUINED the next hour of my day?

I pouted like a baby about being inconvenienced and made a big deal about this most ridiculously stupid situation. I essentially acted like a total fool.

And then I moved on and forgot about it. Until about 1:45 in the morning when I saw this video. Watch this video all the way to the end and you will see the most heartbreaking image.

At the risk of spoiling the video for you, I have to tell you that what you will see is the face of a dying woman in Ethiopia when she sees photos of the family that has chosen to adopt her two sons. You will see the joy in her face at the knowledge that her children will have a loving home to live in when she passes away.

You will not see sadness on the faces of anyone in this video. You will only see joy.

And you will see that your problems, though they be big to you, are minor compared to the plight of countless families outside your sphere. You will be convicted that if they can find joy in the midst of a situation that is most people's worst nightmare surely you can get over yourself about some stupid shoe box from Target. And you will go into your kids' room and pull them out of bed just so you can hold them and cry and ask God to forgive you for being so petty and small.

At least, that's the reaction I had...

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Nicole T. said...

Wow. That video was great. It really does put things in perspective. Thanks for posting that!