Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

This should be an embarrassing truth to admit, but truth is I'm not even remotely embarrassed about this fact.

I love to play Barbies.

Okay, maybe the other moms (or dads?) can relate to this, but I LOVE to play with my kids Barbies with them or without them. If the girls are playing I will total play too. And, whenever they get a new one, I want to brush her hair and dress her up first. I think Barbies are the best toy ever invented.

I mean, officially I am opposed to the unrealistic body type, superficial beauty emphasis, gender role stereotypes, and all that. I've written several posts about how horrible certain Barbies are and I stand by those posts. I think some Barbies are just ridiculously destructive to the self image I am trying to build in my girls. And, I am a little concerned with the borderline trampy direction her wardrobe has taken lately. But, overall, I LOVE to play with them.

In fact, my new project is going to be making cool clothes for the girls' Barbie dolls 'cause I think her wardrobe choices are seriously lacking. And, if I'm going to have fun playing with these dolls I need more clothes, right? Okay, maybe I am a bit embarrassed now that I read that back.

So, tell me, anyone else have a secret favorite toy that they still like stealing away from little kids?

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